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Northern Greenhouse Sales

Northern Greenhouse Sales is a family owned business serving you since 1980. Our aim is to make quality Superstrong Woven Poly readily available to all Americans and Canadians at an affordable price – to help each customer shape their poly dreams into reality.

MeasureWe are pleased to offer you various thicknesses of CLEAR Superstrong Woven Poly for greenhouses, barn curtains, shelters, pool covers, tarps, etc. and to offer you various thicknesses of COLORED Superstrong Woven Poly for pond liners, tarps, buildings, poly mulching, and more

We hope you feel at home here and enjoy your visit.

Before Ordering: Please see our Vital Measurements chart for important ordering and measurement information.


THIS CLEVER THANK YOU comes from Gerry in Quebec

…CURSES! They’ve installed my arch enemy “SUPER WOVEN POLY!” My life of tearing holes is over. Click on the picture to see full size version.


“My acquaintance and friend N. M. ordered fabric from you 7 or so years ago. Your fabric on his greenhouse, when the fabric was 4 […]